Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

- Matthew 19:14

Chiang Rai

To call this outreach unique is probably an understatement of the century. We've managed to squeeze 8 schools into a two-day programme. On top of which, there was to be a meet up with the children who have already been studying with us along with a night-time revival for all the local believers in the area on the very same day.

It started with a 12-hour drive, early Monday morning. After speeding through the country and running the gauntlet through winding, mountainous roads, we finally reached our destination: a church near the district centre in the middle of nowhere. And the accommodation is everything we would've expected: bucket for showers and squat-down toilets. We were boarded up in an abandoned fellowship hall and slept on the worship stage with every possible species of insects to share our sleeping space. Art, the team's postmaster, actually found a Scorpion. After cutting off its tail to remove the poison, some of us wanted to keep it as pet- we still couldn't decide on a name.

This outreach would not be possible had it not been for one man: Prateep, a local teacher who has been distributing children booklet for the past 20 years. He also collected our lessons from the children and post them together in one bundle. The school he taught at was especially cheerful when we got there. It felt more like a reunion, but really exciting at the same time as they got to see us and do activities with us for the very first time. This was also our first time to meet face-to-face with Mr. Prateep.

We always work with local pastors on our outreaches, and this time wasn't any different, but what we saw in the interaction that he had with the kids in each school and at the meet up really showed us how good of a home church this would be for the children in the area. In the end, God really answered our prayers, because every school we visited gave us a very warm welcoming and the reception to the gospel was incredible, even among the teachers.

Following our first day of the outreach, over 50 children joined us at the local church for an evening of game playing, meeting with the GNT staff and an encouragement to those who came. Then there was a gathering of different churches in the area for a night time revival. And everyone in the team was exhausted- by the time we got to sleep, it was around midnight.

However, in the end, everything just frails in comparison to the work that God has been doing in this part of the country. The pastor, for example, studied with the Good News Team at a young age. As well as Prateep's daughter-in-law, who also came to Christ through the Good News Team- and when we saw these fruits of what was sown 20 years ago, it really energized us to more than we thought was humanly possible.

Please continue to pray for the church and the local believers, that God will also protect them from persecutions.